Recommendations for Localization on Agile Projects

It is ironic that the localization industry, an industry specialized in adaptation and customization, has been insistent on its existing process model and is not adapting itself to meet the requirements of projects using Agile Methodology.

Agile methodology should be embraced by LSPs and localization practices should be rethought in its context. This has the potential to lead to significant opportunities for innovative localization companies.

Agile projects have frequent revisions. The industry needs to rethink its tools and file formats, to support and manage frequent changes. Translation memory, localization kits, etc. should be designed to allow fast identification and removal of obsoleted strings, and have other support for quick updates and validation.

Localization personnel need practices that support efficient and accurate communication about design and other changes. Where possible tools should catch errors by workers who forgot or missed the revision discussion.

A more detailed set of recommendations are at: (PDF)

Feedback is welcomed.


One Response to “Recommendations for Localization on Agile Projects”

  1. Jari Herrgård Says:

    As already tweeted, I agree with your thoughts! Thanks for a good post and a good set of recommendations in the pdf.

    Agile is not only a process and mindset challenge for traditional localisation industry, it’s also a sales challenge. Localisation vendors or in-house staff should be able to push themselves close enough to the development teams and speak the same language. That is the only way when going towards truly agile processes, not only quick waterfalls every now and then.

    Naturally, suitable tools for management and localisation are one vital part of this process.

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