Machine Translation Silicon Valley Meeting Group

Ben Cornelius and Ray Flournoy asked whether there is interest in a regular meeting group in Silicon Valley for Machine Translation.

Ben and I host another meeting group for Globalization Management Systems which has been very beneficial for members. We have invited speakers. As a result the group has learned a lot about what is available on the market, what is forthcoming, and how other users think about purchasing, deploying, and integrating these tools, as well as their real-world experiences.

Should there be a meeting group for Machine Translation topics?
What do you think the goals of this group should be? Who should (or would) attend? (e.g. what are typical roles of attendees? MT developers, users, admins, etc.)

We discussed a number of our interests and possibilities. Without revealing our own personal preferences and agendas, I list a few potential topics below.

You can respond here, but I have set up a Yahoo Group that you can add yourself to if interested. If there is enough interest we can work on logistics and have at least an initial meeting or two.
The group is at:

  • Is anyone interested in hosting a meeting or two to get us started?
  • Is anyone interested in helping to organize a meeting schedule for the first few meetings? (I personally don’t have the time.)
  • Please also comment on how often you are interested and/or willing to meet. Monthly? Quarterly?

Here is a potential mission statement:

This group is for people in Silicon Valley to meet to discuss machine translation topics.
Members are interested in the design, application, integration, use, testing, selection, optimization, etc. of machine translation tools and to share real world experiences.

Meetings are webcast so anyone can participate. We encourage attending in person for networking and to have interactive and high quality discussions.

Possible discussion topics, led by members and invited speakers, vendors, etc.

  • Networking, Comeraderie
  • Learn about tools on the market
  • Selecting an MT tool, writing an RFP, testing, etc.
  • MT applications, integration
  • Optimizing processes using MT
  • Learn what others are doing with MT
  • Designing MT engines, Language issues, research topics
  • Vision for MT industry
  • Competitive solutions to MT, (crowd sourcing, etc)
  • MT data sources (TAUS, corpus, etc.)
  • Hosted MT solutions, MT cloud computing

Feel free to suggest others


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