International Domain Name Examples and #idnfail Apps

At the April 2005 Unicode conference IUC27 in Berlin there were several interesting sessions on international domain names (IDN).

(The paper I presented at the conference on internationalizing domain names is at

Here are example international domain names that exist today for museums:

The list is handy for testing IDN in applications.

(You may need an appropriate font to read them.)

Why the list isn’t in this blog

Originally, the list of IDNs were in this blog. It turns out that WordPress treats the domain names as URLs and converts the bytes to hex encoded values. This is wrong for IDN.  So you cannot properly link to international domain names in WordPress blogs at the moment.

As a result, I suggested on twitter to use the hashtag #idnfail for people to report blog, twitter and other applications that are broken with respect to international domain names.

The initial list of #idnfail apps  (which I have not verified myself for each entry) is:

You can search twitter for #idnfail to get further updates, although I hope to update the above list from time to time.


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3 Responses to “International Domain Name Examples and #idnfail Apps”

  1. i18nguy Says:

    Glenn Arango tweets:

    IDN in tweetie & adium w/ safari works,
    tweetie & adium w/ firefox (on OSX) #fail.
    Think the #IDNfail is actually firefox!

  2. i18nguy Says:

    Glenn Arango tweets:
    Y! messenger (OSX) #idnfail

  3. peadaNiz Says:


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